Digital Thermometer


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  • Safe Oral Thermometer for Adults: Soft silicone tip with stainless steel probe is reliable. A medical thermometer can be used orally rectal or underarm use. Convenient and safe for you and your family.
  • Accurate and Fast Reading: About 10 seconds read the time. This digital thermometer is used the latest advance sensory probe and the temperature reading is clinically tested and accurately detects the fever, helping you determine whether you need rest or medical care
  • LCD Screen Display: This oral thermometer is easy to read with a clear display, beeper alarm, memory display, auto shut off, and easily switch the units between ℉ and ℃
  • Easy to Use and Clean: Waterproof tip allows you to clean the fever thermometer in an easy and hygienic way. Please use a wipe with water and clean with medical alcohol after or before each use. Lightweight and portable, with a free storage case, you can carry it anywhere and use it anytime
  • Note: Please read the product manual carefully before using it. Start measuring when you see “Lo℉”. To ensure an accurate result, do not touch the probe with your hands or other objects with high temperatures before taking your temperature.
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